Customisable and Scalable

Customisable & Scalable

Having been positioned in, and been providing digital solutions to the South African Office Products and Commercial Furniture sector for more than 15 years, we have had the opportunity to work closely with all the top manufacturers, brand custodians, wholesalers and suppliers. Through this involvement our content management team has assimilated all the respective brand and product information into an industry catalogue which we keep updated and current. Product information, specifications, imagery, variations, and other multi-media content is collected, vetted, edited and then updated on the Quartermaster platform.

Quartermaster comes loaded with the full Stationers' Catalogue. The catalogue offers a comprehensive representation of the major office product brands and wholesale distribution products in South Africa. All that the dealer has to do, is to deselect the brands and products that they choose not to represent and a personal and business-specific catalogue and product listing is generated. Simple product categorisation also ensures that products are published according to the target market requirements. Products can be added to compliment the dealer product offering.

Client Setup and Configuration

The system is fully configurable and scalable, offering the client unlimited configuration options.

To accommodate national contracts, multiple branch setup can be facilitated under a single account, irrespective of regional pricing differences or not. The client company can be further segmented into the required cost centres or departments. An administrator(s) is allocated who authorises and processes requisitions from users within the cost centre. Cost centre-specific product baskets can be loaded specific to the individual needs and requirements of each department and these can be further locked to prevent maverick spend.

Users are assigned to a designated cost centre and their requisitions reflect the delivery address and other cost centre details. Cost centre administrators authorise and process the requisitions for the specific cost centre and budgets can be established to help manage spend. Company administrators have the ability to manage the account, authorise all documentation, create cost centres, assign users and access reporting.

Integration & API

The client company administrator is provided account management capabilities, allowing them to create users and cost centres, manage baskets, view reports and manage the account.


The system offers a wide range of procurement reports detailing spend at a company, cost centre and user level. Procurement trends are monitored and product usage is analysed. Custom reports can also be created and implemented.