Own the Customer Experience with BrandHub

In an increasingly experience-driven economy customers look for companies that they can connect with, and that deliver a great experience. The entire customer experience is shaped by the specific engagements that they share with the company and faring well at every point of contact is critical to positive perception.

Clients engage with us for a variety of reasons during the sales process and by anticipating these engagement requirements and providing a framework that facilitates client need fulfillment professionally and expediently we enhance the customer experience and build loyalty.

Improve Informational Organisation

The more we know about our customers, the better we will be able to provide them with positive experiences. Everything that they do, and every interaction that they have with our organisation needs to be identified, documented, and recorded. To do this, we need to move beyond the sticky-notes and disorganised filing cabinets and utilise organisational technology that not only accurately quantifies and categorises data for easy future reference, but also makes that data available across departments.

CRM allows us to store a vast list of customers and any important information regarding them. Access to their file is convenient due to the cloud, so no matter who it is that is helping the customer in question, they will have the same actionable data instantly available. This results in less wasted time for clients and employees.


The Client Zone offers an interface between the client and the company. Customers manage their quotes, orders and all the other engagements within a ticketed system ensuring that requirements are managed and fulfilled expediently and professionally.


The client can build a product list from the catalogue and submit it for a custom quotation. The quotes and all associated communication are managed within the Client Zone, while custom quotes can also be generated and delivered to the client for acceptance.


Customers build their orders through an intuitive process that offers complete product customisation through optional product attributes and variables. The client builds their order, submits it, and then manages fulfillment live in their client account.


Access to the knowledge base offers application information and resources to ensure that clients can make informed procurement decisions. Multimedia content is readily available while product information requests are delivered to the account download section.


Events & Projects

Manage and coordinate schedules, timelines, and other interactions transparently within a central framework. Full project management offers seamless interaction between company, client, and other 3rd parties for bigger projects.


Customer email is shared centrally amongst support staff in the CRM interface ensuring that all the relevant information is at hand for quick client issue resolution.

Chat & Message

Messages and chats are facilitated in real time in the client zone, with documents and information being made available centrally within a ticketed system.


General telephonic interaction can also be recorded and archived offering reference to conversations for specific clients, or during specific periods when required.