Customer and Contact Life Stages


Life Stages

There are 4 life stages for a contact:


Someone who has just registered to your site or a CRM agent just created a fresh contact.


Someone who makes a query or you have acquired through communication, such as, email or networking.


Someone who has shown an interest to make an order or the goal set for your sales.


An Opportunity or Lead contact who makes a purchase from your company. You are now responsible to provide follow ups and support to this client.

Contact Owner

The Contact Owner is able to add, edit, and delete contacts to the Contacts Management system. While an Admin is able to add, edit, and delete all contacts, the Contact Owner is usually the CRM agent who is only able to access (edit and delete) the particular contacts he/she creates. However, they can view other contacts as well. This is for preventing the creation of duplicate contacts.

The name of the Contact Owner for each contact will appear at the bottom left of the profile of each contact.

Adding a New Contact

This page displays all the existing contacts with a filtering panel.
Add New Contact
Name, email, phone number, life stage, and contact owner.
To add more information, click on Advanced Fields.
Add additional personal information for contacts as required.
Select the group from the checklist you want to assign this contact to.
You can also add the contact source, notes, and social info of the user under Additional Info.

Customer CRM Profile

360 Degree view of all customer engagements in one place.

Customer Contacts

From the company profile, you can assign contacts to the company, and also assign them into multiple groups.

Customer Tasks & Engagements

Like Contacts Management, you can add notes, tasks to your CRM agents, schedule calls and meetings, and send email to the company from the profile page.
Get a good view of your Contacts

You will find all your contacts listed here. This page gives you some important details beside the contact name, such as:

  • Email Address
  • Phone
  • Life Stage
  • Contact Owner
  • Date Created

Manage Your Contacts

You can manage your contacts from this page. If you hover over a contact, you will get few options such as edit, view and delete. Clicking on the edit options lets you edit your contact and the delete option deletes it.

You can also use the search bar to look for any contact you want. There is a Search Segment option that lets you use different conditions to create saved searches.

You can also click on the view button to get details of your contact. This is how the detailed contact page looks like. It holds all the information that you collect in an organized manner. You can add notes, schedule activities and also tasks.

There is a timeline wise activity log that shows your interaction with that specific contact. If you add the contact to a specific contact group, you will find it at the bottom of this page.